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GCF Signalling:
plant and cabins

Signalling: plant and cabins

Our experience

GCF - thanks to the IS segment - designs, builds and tests signalling plant for management and control of rail and metro traffic.

Our own Design Division boasts highly specialised tools and human resources. It is able to develop and ensure preliminary, executive and construction design of signalling systems.

GCF designs, tests and builds:

  • ACEI (Apparati Centrali Elettrici a pulsanti d’Itinerario, Electrical Inter-Locking Apparatus with Itinerary buttons) plant;
  • BACC (Blocco Automatico a Correnti Codificate, Automatic Coded Current Block) plant;
  • CTC ( Controllo del Traffico Centralizzato, Centralised Traffic Control) plant;
  • PLL control and manoeuvre systems;
  • Study and development of electronic and electromechanical equipment designed to ensure safety;
  • Electrical control panels;
  • Telecommunication and data transmission networks;
  • Metal structure work (cabinets, frames, cantilevers, gantries).

Our philosophy

GCF S.p.A. works with leading companies in the rail sector, providing specialised personnel for the installation, calibration, verification and commissioning of innovative plant such as ACC and ACCM.

Close cooperation between design and installation departments means that GCF can supply turnkey plant, thereby ranking as a single interlocutor for customers and coordinating all operational stages in the process, from construction to installation, testing and commissioning.

Our competitive edge

Our specialists provide support and maintenance for the following activities:

  • Numbering and automatic check-list for plant in accordance with the standards required by Technique Standard 717 (Italian Railway Network);
  • Technical verification and commissioning of plant installations;
  • Assistance, activation and maintenance of conventional and innovative plant.

Some Sites GCF - Gefer

Milan Metro, Line 1Milan Metro, Line 1

Signalling: Milan Metro, Line 1

Turnkey design and supply of the equipment needed to install the new signalling and automation system on Milan Metro Line 1.

The signalling system was completely renovated following work on all ACEI cabins to prepare plant for the new signalling system. All installations in tunnels (cable laying, installation of signals, fitting antennae, etc.) were also renewed.

Rolling stock was also modified in order to implement the new ATC (Automatic Train Control) - an automatic locking system for spacing and train drive protection.

Customer: ATM S.p.A. Work performed in a Temporary Business Association with Alstom.

Bari-Matera lineBari-Matera line

ACEI Bari-Matera line

Work to improve rail transport safety on the network in the Apulia and Basilicata Regions.

Tender contract awarded by FAL (Ferrovie Appule Lucane S.r.l.).

ACEI (Apparati Centrali Elettrici d’Itinerario, Electrical Inter-Locking Itinerary Apparatus) signalling systems were implemented in Venusio, Villalongo and Matera stations, as well as circuit modifications to centralised equipment for the other stations on the Bari-Matera section, where new relay cabinets were built, manoeuvring systems were supplied and railway depots were completely renewed.

GCF S.p.A. also designed, built and installed - for the entire Bari-Matera line - the CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) system providing remote control from a central location for all ACEI cabins with remote definition of train itineraries with complete safety and reliability.

Saronno-Seregno lineSaronno-Seregno line

Signalling: Saronno-Seregno line

Executive design and execution of all works, tasks, services and supplies related to and in any case necessary for the redevelopment of the Saronno-Seregno line.

The integrated project involved design and installation of the following plant:

  • Signalling system:
    installation and construction of all depot entities (signals, points, etc.) and supply of a Central Multi-Station Box system including Operator Position and Diagnostic Position;
  • Lighting and drive power plant: 
    inside stations for lighting and control of Level Crossings, lighting of walkways along tracks, lift plant, etc.;
  • Electric traction:
    construction of blocks, installation of poles and overhead wiring of power contact lines;
  • Telecommunications system:
    installation of telephones, laying of telephone cables and fibre optic cables.

Tender contract awarded by Ferrovie Nord Milano S.p.A. Works performed in a Temporary Business Association with Salcef.

Lecce-Fasano lineLecce-Fasano line

IS Plant Lecce-Fasano line

Executive design and execution of construction works for IS Plant, Civil Works, Lighting and Drive Power Plant, Superstructures and Electric Traction to equip the Fasano-Lecce line with a Centralised Traffic control system (CTC).

The integrated tender contract involved works for:

  • construction of new ACEI systems with the V401 layout (base signalling layout adopted) for Fasano, Ostuni, San Vito dei Normanni, Brindisi, Squinzano and Surbo stations;
  • modifications to ACEI systems in Lecce for adaptation to Permanent Door Station;
  • construction of new buildings for the installation of new ACEI systems and technological equipment, in stations at: Fasano, Ostuni, PBI 736, PLA 745, San Vito dei Normanni, Brindisi and Squinzano;
  • renovation of premises suitable for housing technological equipment in stations at: Cisternino, Carovigno, Serranova, San Vito dei Normanni, Restinco, San Pietro Venotico, Trepuzzi, Surbo and Lecce;
  • work to modify railway superstructure plant and the electric traction system.

Tender contract awarded by ITALFERR S.p.A. Works carried out in a Temporary Business Association with Ceit, Comesvil, Fersalento.

ACEI VillaselvaACEI Villaselva

ACEI Villaselva

Design and construction of ACEI plant and TLC telecommunications plant in the goods yard at Villa Selva (Bologna-Rimini line).

Tender activities included the design and execution of a remote-controlled ACEI system with manoeuvring signalling conforming to layout I/016 II series according to V401 layout principles.

Cabin works involved the supply and installation of metal cabinets to contain cabin equipment, the installation of an electronic station event chronological recorder, manoeuvring system complete with all system control organs, illuminated control panel with modular inserts and everything else needed for cabin operations.

Depot work involved the installation of the main and secondary ducts, cable laying, installation of poles and signals, installation of telephones and complementary works.

Tender contract awarded by RFI S.p.A.

Other projectsOther projects

Signalling: other projects

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI)

  • ACEI at Campoleone and Sezze Scalo, Rome/Naples High-Speed line;
  • Doubling of Cagliari - Decimomannu line;
  • Modification of 83.3 Hz B.A. signal boxes on Rome - Formia line;

Ferrovie Sud-Est (FSE)

  • ACEI of Noicattaro and Rutigliano 0/19 with relative BCA;
  • BCA at Capurso station;

Milan Metro (MM)

  • ACEI at Rho, Abbiategrasso, Zara, Maciachini metro stations;

Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNME)

  • ACEI equipment on Saronno-Malpensa line;
  • Plant at Bovisio Masciago and modifications of plant in surrounding areas - Palazzolo, Varedo, Cesano Maderno and Seveso;

Ferrovie Emilia Romagna (FER)

  • ACEI in Guastalla and Bologna - Portomaggiore section;
  • PL systems on Bologna - Portomaggiore section.