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Top 200 Builders: GCF Confirms the 8th position

GCF First overall specialist among the top Construction firms

First specialist in the Construction firms Rankings

First specialist and 8th overall in the Top 200 ranking compiled again this year by Studio Guamari. GCF Railway company, together with Gefer, also confirms for 2023 its leadership role among specialists and its prestigious position among Construction Firms.

Underscoring the importance of the Construction sector and its excellent state of health in the national production panorama are the authors of the prestigious ranking who, in an article published a few weeks ago in Il Sole 24 ore highlighted how "The largest construction companies, whose podium position is held by Webuild, Itinera and Pizzarotti among the general and Sicim and Bonatti (pipeline) as well as Gcf - Generali Costruzioni Ferroviarie among the specialty companies, come to add up to 32.3 billion in turnover (plus 21.1 percent) with an international share of 37.7 percent".
Overall, add Prof. Aldo Norsa, Scientific Director, and Stefano Vecchiarino, market analyst at Guamari, "The income statements record excellent earnings numbers: the ebitda of the 200 firms grew by 39.4%, the ebit by 90.9% and the net profit by almost eight times (!). From a financial/equity perspective, total net debt is reduced by a significant 34.3% and is well covered by equity, which increased by 9.8%”.

Financial indicators that, as far as GCF-Gefer is concerned, stand at 17.7 percent (ebitda) and 23.1 percent (ebit), respectively, for a net result of 55.2 million (+ 19.4 percent) on a turnover that, marking an increase of 15.6 percent, consolidated at 621.1 million euros.

"In 2021," Studio Guamari pointed out a year ago, "after the abrupt slowdown imposed by the pandemic, the top Italian construction companies have found their way back to revival”. Data for 2022 certify the growth of the Construction sector as a trend.

Il 12 dicembre, presso la Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli dati e classifiche raccolti nel "REPORT 2013 on the Italian Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry" sono stati presentati dalla Guamari che - per il tredicesimo anno consecutivo - ha tracciato un affresco a tutto tondo delle performances ottenute dal settore industriale conosciuto come AEC (architecture, engineering & construction).

On December 12, at the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, data and rankings collected in "REPORT 2013 on the Italian Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry" (you can download it here) were presented by Guamari, which - for the thirteenth consecutive year - drew a full-length picture of the performance achieved by the industry sector known as AEC (architecture, engineering & construction).

“Once again this year," comments Giuseppe Brecciaroli, GCF's CEO, "the company has focused its efforts both in the direction of consolidating and expanding its foreign markets, and in the direction of strengthening corporate governance, in the conscious conviction of the importance of the role of responsibility we play in the productive fabric of the country."

In the course of 2023, with a view to extending the package of offerings and expanding its foreign markets, the company finalized the acquisition of PSC Group's PAI-PL business unit - which specializes in railway safety technologies - and consolidated its foothold in North America through the acquisition of Lone Star Railroad.

On the other hand, on the internal organization front, precisely because of the growth, production commitment and responsible role played at the national and international level, at the end of July, during the Shareholders' Meetings, both G.C.F. S.p.A. and GEFER S.p.A. resolved to strengthen corporate governance by opting for a three-member board of directors.

A profound revision of the entire corporate organization that goes in the direction of a more precise division of roles and responsibilities, with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency and strengthening the internal control system - even more guaranteed with the appointment of independent directors - with a view to further consolidating the company's leadership position in the railway sector by focusing on technological innovation and economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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