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GCF Omnia Support Structure at InnoTrans in Berlin

Applications of the Omnia support structure

The innovative railway support structure makes its debut in Berlin

Omnia, the innovative Made in Italy railway support structure, will make its debut at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin the leading international trade fair scheduled 20-23 September that highlights the main innovations in the transport technology field..

More than 200,000 square meters of exhibition space, 41 halls (the total capacity of the Berlin Exhibition Centre) divided into five segments entirely dedicated to future transport technologies: an international stage where the leading decision makers in the political and transport worlds will meet alongside 3,000 exhibitors presenting innovations and world premieres (the ETR 1000 made its debut here in 2014) as well as decisions concerning the future of global mobility.

GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie will attend together with partners in the Omnia Group to launch the Omnia support structure - a solution that can adapt to every catenary installation and meet every kind of need and application in the electric traction field.

Omnia: a solution Made in Italy

"The Omnia support structure," the designers explain, "was developed some years ago for the RFI network and helps resolve many technical problems typical of traditional overhead systems. Today, after many years of experimentation and use on traditional railway lines, AV/AC lines and Italian and international urban transport lines, it certainly appears that Omnia has achieved its objectives in technical, management, economic savings and environmental respect that inspired design and development."

Simplicity and versatility are among the strengths of the Omnia support structure: features that translate into major savings for railway management operators.

"The benefits of the Omnia support structure," the engineers point out, "are also evident in maintenance terms: its characteristics mean that this support system reduces contact wire wear by up to 67%. It only need be mentioned that while this wire is normally replaced every 3-4 years, on the Milan-Bologna rooute equipped with the experimental Omnia support structurein 2009, as of today the contact wire is still the one originally installed."

More information about the Omnia support structure

Berlin - InnoTrans 2016

The prestigious location of InnoTrans in Berlin: for 20 years a preferential venue for the presentation of the finest innovations in the railway sector.

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