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GCF in Bosnia: an opportunity for local businesses

Edoardo Rossi interview with newspaper Akta

GCF in Bosnia: a resource for local businesses

Bosnian newspaper Akta interviews GCF President Edoardo Rossi. "The reconstruction project involving the Sarajevo-Bradina railway line, as well as most of the renovation projects on existing railway lines - said Rossi - will certainly improve conditions and safety for passengers and goods alike, strengthen the Sarajevo-Mostar route and improve overall environmental conditions".

In January 2015 GCF, together with its Bosnian partner Hering, was awarded the public tender contract for the renovation of the Sarajevo-Bradina railway line: a first batch of work on important route to Mostar financed by EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In the interview given to the Bosnian newspaper, the President of GCF stressed the importance assigned by European policies to the development of rail transport: "Personally speaking, I see two major challenges. The first concerns the freight train market in the EU. The European transport white paper set the goal of moving the 30% of goods traffic from road to rail by 2030 (50% by 2050) and that involves the necessity - which is also an opportunity - of creating reliable services and infrastructures. The second challenge will be to link the national railway corridors in a single cross-border network to ensure fast, reliable and assured connections between the Europe’s major cities without generating excessive administrative costs and abolishing market barriers. In this context, it is to be hoped that European authorities, and in particular the ERA (European Railway Agency), will play a key role in promoting work on the network and harmonising the technical standards for the entire European market".

The start of work on the Bosnian rail network was also a significant driving force for development for local businesses and employment. "Indeed - as Edoardo Rossi explained to the Bosnian journalist - we opened up significant opportunities for local contractors and most of the material we use is purchased locally. It is our custom when launching a project in a new country to meet and use as many local resources as possible, not only in terms of supplies but also with regard to people. In Bosnia, we are looking for experienced and qualified personnel to join our teams and our construction sites".