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GCF - Gefer: Responsabilità

Responsibility Policies

Organizational Model, Responsibility, Sustainability

Responsibility and Sustainability constitute the cornerstones of the value system that have inspired the policies and actions of GCF and Gefer, the Rossi Group's railway firms, since their beginnings in the 1950s.

The group's culture declines these values in terms of policies and concrete commitments aimed at ensuring respect for people's rights and compliance with International Principles concerning Human Rights, Business and Labor, implementing and spreading a culture of safety in the workplace, ensuring environmental protection and sustainability of supply chains and production processes.

The documents that can be viewed below reflect these values and concretize our intentions by helping to spread also outside our organization, a culture of responsibility towards people and the planet.

SA8000: Send your report

It is possible to send your report or complaint by attaching the SA8000 form (that can be downloaded above) from the form below choosing the company to which it is addressed. Providing your own contact reference is optional. In case of anonymity (as specified by the SA8000 Procedure), the response will be given in a public manner through the information tools available to GCF and/or Gefer. If, on the other hand, you prefer to receive a direct response, simply fill in the name and e-mail fields.

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